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Conversation with Death

Updated: May 28, 2023

Opening her eyes, she emerges from what feels like a long night's slumber. The air in her place seems unusually chilly, exacerbated by the absence of air conditioning. Reaching out for her phone, she notices that her shoulder doesn't ache as it usually does each morning during the awkward stretch. A glance at her hand reveals a paler complexion than usual.

As her gaze lifts, she spots a peculiar man towering over her bed. Normally, this sight would have filled her with terror, prompting a startled jump and a scream. Yet, surprisingly, fear does not grip her. "Are you ready?" he asks. She nods in agreement and rises to her feet, ready to follow. An urge to gather a few belongings surfaces in her mind, but he shakes his head, assuring her, "You won't need anything where we are going."

Curiosity tugs at her, and she inquires, "Can I call my parents?" With calm certainty, he responds, "They already know."

Words escape her. Enveloped in a shroud of silence, she trails behind him, burdened by an unspoken heaviness.

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