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In My Head with Courtney Sanello

There is a certain concept that has been lingering in the depths of my mind for what feels like an eternity. It's as if I have been lost in my own thoughts, unable to fully grasp or understand it. But I knew that I had to wait for the right artist to come along and bring this elusive concept to life. Many have asked me about its meaning, but even I struggle to find the words to describe it. It's as if this concept exists on a different plane of consciousness, shrouded in mystery and veiled in a sense of vagueness. Yet, despite its enigmatic nature, there is something alluring about it, something that compels me to explore it further. And so, I present it to you, hoping that you too will become lost in its hypnotic allure and mysterious charm.

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1 Comment

Courtney Sanello
Courtney Sanello
Apr 29, 2023

So much fun exploring and creating. Can't wait to work with you again :)

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