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...And Chelcie For All

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

A tribute to Metallica's 4th album with Chelcie Hunt

This photography project pays homage to Metallica's 1988 album "...And Justice for All," a polarizing and often overlooked masterpiece. It marked the band's first album without the late Cliff Burton, and tackled themes of political corruption, war, and personal turmoil. The album was shrouded in controversy, most notably for the decision to remove the bass guitar track from the final mix, either as a hazing ritual for new bassist Jason or as a tribute to Burton's passing.

Despite the controversy, the album showcases the band's incredible musical talent, with a unique and haunting sound. The guitar work is oppressive, and the lyrics are dark, resulting in a somber atmosphere throughout. The album cover has always captured my attention, and I've collected countless t-shirts featuring the artwork over the years. It depicts a destroyed and bound Lady Justice, symbolizing the album's themes.

In this photography project, I aimed to capture the essence of the album's artwork, while presenting it in a beautiful and elegant manner. It is a personal and indulgent tribute to a truly remarkable album, and a reflection of my own admiration for Metallica's artistry.

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