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The black band T-shirt is the most identifiable part of the metal genre subculture. Despite the diverse background (gender, race, religion, profession, etc.) of metalheads, the T-shirt is the biggest and most visible commonality. The band T-shirt is often the topic of conversion amongst metalhead before a gig. This project aims to bring the different faces of metalheads in their favourite T-shirt in front of the camera.


It is a tribute and a celebration of the black metal T-shirt. Something that we all share despite how diverse we all are.


I started listening to rock when I was 9 years old. My older siblings would listen to Linkin' Park, Limp Bizkit and Evanescence so that was what got me into the genre initially...Then when I was in my teens I started listening to Metallica, Megadeth, and SOAD, followed by Arch Enemy, Cradle of Filth and Slayer.

I love classic heavy metal as well, Iron Maiden, Priest, Black Sabbath, etc, will always be legends in my books. I have continued discovering bands ever since my teenage years and have always tried to be open minded - giving both old and new music a chance.

I heard about thrash band Death Angel around 6 years ago but didn't get into them properly until the past few years. I saw them live for the first time at the Underworld back in 2017 and they blew me away. Progressive, cutting riffs and melodic harmonies, Death Angel are a band that does not disappoint.
I'm glad to see the band has been going strong again since their reunion in 2001.

They are kings of thrash and deserve to be up there with the "Big Four"


Archspire are one of the best technical death metal bands going. They are the musical embodiment of sonic the hedgehog and there isn’t a single song of theirs that isn’t absolutely mind blowing. While tech death isn’t my favourite sub genre of metal, Archspire is always going to be one of my favourite bands.

I got this tee on the 2019 Tech Trek tour with Vulvodynia, Beneath the Massacre and Inferi (who are all amazing bands as well).


Metal was an untouchable genre of music for me until about a year ago when I was 20, a mate of mine from Germany suggested I listen to some metalcore like the Sheffield based band While She Sleeps and I was hooked on the vibe immediately.

I was raised in a household listening to either Classical music or 80’s music. There wasn’t much in-between. So when I started listening to metal and exploring more of it’s sub-genres, I came to find myself and more of my purpose in this simulation called life.

Growing up, metal was such a forbidden genre, which made it all the more enticing for me when I finally got balls deep in it. I’m in awe in everything from thrash to doom to sludge to death. My favourite and most inspiring to date is Norwegian black metal. The history of it has captured my attention as an artist, and gives me endless inspiration for my music.

I came across Alcest when a friend of mine that means a lot to me introduced me to them. They’re a black metal duo from southern France that just carry such a range of emotions in their music - it’s incaptivating. They have recently released a new single and their sixth album (which will be released soon) is undeniably going to take them places. They have become a band with a strong drive for their music and their meaning behind the chords they play and the lyrics they sing. This is their big breakthrough. They are inspirational. They are unstoppable.

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