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Riding On The Metro w/ Nadzeya Kolas

Words cannot describe the bizarreness of NYC's subway system. The only thing I'll say is, "Bing Bong".

Blind Vanity w/ Reem Amin

...And Chelcie For All

A tribute to Metallica's 4th album w/ Chelcie Hunt

This photography concept is a tribute to the 1988 album "...And Justice for All" by Metallica. This is probably the most underrated and divisive album by the band. It was the first album after the death of Cliff Burton. The album deals with concepts of political decay, war, and relationship anguish. The album is full of controversy, with the most notable aspect is the elimination of the bass guitar track in the final mix as a way of hazing Jason or a form of grief following the loss of the legendary Burton.


This is a self-indulgent album that showcases the band’s musical prowess, with a very unique sound. The oppressed guitar sound with the dark lyrics makes it a very gloomy album. The album cover has always fascinated me. Over the years, and since 1988, I've probably had 6-7 different t-shirts relating to this album. The cover depicts a tied-up and destroyed lady justice. I tried to portray the essence of the art, while presenting it in the most elegant and beautiful way.